How It Works

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We are the National Speakers Series, a membership website and group devoted to speakers building their speaking business.

The #1 problem seen in more than 6,000 businesses is their lack in ability to speak confidently about what they love or to attract listeners organically.

There is no shame in this because, honestly, owners are generally running their businesses and not mastering their speaking. Top tier executives have audiences that must listen verses want to listen. There is no shame here either, it’s a culture that has approved this behavior.

The truth is, there are thousands upon thousands, and millions of dollars being left on the table in direct and indirect revenue due to the lack of speaker training.

Membership is open to speakers, authors, experts, consultants, top line executives, and people who are looking to shine on stage. Developed by a marketer with success in mind, there are several ways to participate and you can use it in stair step fashion or jump to what works for you, but everyone should look at the membership first. See below.

$1 Membership – Get your membership for $1 for the first seven days. Try it out, ask questions of a marketer and get weekly video answers. With your membership you also receive peer support, Q&A, discounts, and yes, notifications about speaking opportunities and invitations specific to you and and your speaking business! After your $1 trial, you will be billed monthly. Click to find out more.

Stage Time – Ever wish you could have ongoing training? Well, look no further; we are here. Designed by an expert and practicing marketer with a degree to match. These are intensive learning modules that cover everything “speaker” from How Tos, negotiations, how to trim the fat of costs, the uber success of speaking, how to find speaking gigs, the engagements that generates profits, and the list goes on. These programs come through periodic offers or through the free membership. A very cool welcome gift included!

Lights, Camera, Action – For members only but this is a live event geared toward the finest of success and includes master trainers that give you so much information, training, networking, and connections that your head will be swimming. This program is the best of show in speaker education. There are speaking opps reserved for sponsors, joint ventures, and members.

Speaker Elite – By special invitation.