How It Works





We are the National Speakers Series, and we help consultants create the book and keynote that will change lives & make money!

  • Ever listen to a talk and think, “I could do that!”?
  • Ever read a book and say, “That’s what I think, but I know another way”?
  • Ever listen to someone and think, “I can help you”?
  • Ever hear a story and think, “Wow, can I relate!”?
  • Do you want to be a subject matter expert?
  • Do you have a degree in your field and want to write about it?
  • Have you experienced something powerful, changing, epic?
  • Ever wish you could make $5,000 or $25,000 to speak?

Hi, I’m Karleen Andresen, and your sidekick coach to help you create your EPIC book and keynote for a six figure coaching/consulting practice.

You are legendary; the world should know you.

How you say it is different from how another will say it, but people will connect to you. Your walk has been stark and you learned from it. Don’t you think it’s time to share it?


  • A free web class that includes things to know before you write, 5 speaker styles you must know
  • A free call to determine who you want to help with your message
  • How you can make a difference
  • An interview to determine if you are ready to begin your journey.


  • Launch call
  • Live event to get individual help and meet other authors
  • Two month coaching program to finish your book and keynote
  • Publish your book


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